Seminar on Driving rules

Spring Traffic-DUI seminar May 5, 1-3 p.m., chiefly for refugees and immigrants, but all comers are most welcome. The location will be at North Hill, Akron Public Library at North Main Street and Cuyahoga Falls Avenues, which is within walking distance for our many immigrants and refugees
As you may well know, our immigrant and refugee populations are subject to consequences from traffic violations that are quasi-criminal in nature (DUI, accidents without insurance, excessive speeding) and often result in loss of driving privileges.
Moreover, immigrants and refugees may suffer potential loss of and/or denial of U.S., citizenship and even, possibly, removal from the U.S.
We also know court fines cause loss of employment and create economic harships  for families.
The planners hope that we can frontload the system or at least give our refugees and newest citizens good information to help them restore driving privileges and stay on track and the right side of the law.
The Seminar organizers have invited IIA, Akron Police Dept., Stow Municipal Court, a Remedial Driving School and several attorneys to give presentations and be on hand to answer questions.