The North Hill Neighborhood of Akron has endured through long-term regional economic trends that have adversely affected its social fabric, physical infrastructure and economy. Additionally, North Hill enjoys its standing as Akron’s International District and is a welcoming home for many communities of immigrants and refugees, and such a status presents unique opportunities and problems as well. Seeing this situation, many residents believe the neighborhood is in a good position to affect a renaissance. Such a renaissance will be greatly speeded and aided by an organization dedicated to its promotion. Therefore, several residents joined together to create the North Akron Community Development Corporation to serve the North Hill neighborhood in this capacity.


The North Akron Community Development Corporation was granted its nonprofit 501(c)(3) status in 2017. A volunteer board of directors governs the organization and provides strategic direction and oversight.


During the formation of the new North Akron Community Development Corporation in 2016, we provided various stakeholder groups with opportunities to provide input on the role and priorities of the new community development corporation. We invited community leaders the opportunity to react to our proposed strategic direction and to participate in a retreat to identify strategic priorities and goals.